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August 1st 2018

by: Julie Taylor

When you walk into Maskadores Taco Shop on the corner of 19th Avenue and Northern, you almost expect to find Jack Black serving tacos in his stretchy pants. The walls of the restaurant are colorfully decorated with art featuring Lucha Libre, the masked professional wrestlers of Mexico.  The menu is also colorful and offers many different options. While you won’t run into Nacho or Esqueleto, you will likely meet owner and cook, Lester Dormus and his mother Jenny.

I recently interviewed Mr. Dormus to find out more about this 19 North restaurant and partner. Open since December of 2017, Maskadores is a franchise restaurant serving authentic made-to-order Mexican food. The menu offers eight different meats, vegetarian options, and a variety of sides and sauces. Each item on the menu can be customized to individual taste. Depending upon your daring and pain tolerance, their spice level ranges from mild to make-you-cry spicy.

Dormus’ interest in cooking began when he was a small boy in his grandmother’s kitchen. Later he pursued several positions in the restaurant business. After working in food service for 15 years, Dormus was encouraged by his friend to open his own restaurant.

Maskadores is a family run restaurant. Dormus is often the one to greet you and prepare your food on the grill and Dormus’ mother, Jenny, is usually the one topping your plate with condiments and running the cash register. Dormus said that his mother always cooked for their family, but he taught her how to cook for a restaurant. He says he greatly enjoys cooking for others and is proud of the food Maskadores has to offer. In addition to being a restaurant owner Dormus is also a woodworker. He built most of the fixtures and furniture.

Maskadores is a valued 19 North partner and has already participated in many of the Second Saturday Events in the 19 North Community Plaza. Dormus recently purchased a taco cart so they can serve street tacos at our upcoming Fridays in 19 North events which will begin September 14, 2018.

On July 20th, they began a breakfast menu which is available starting at 6 a.m. each morning.

Drop on by, try a few tacos just the way you like them, and check out this wonderful addition to our 19 North community.

Maskadores Taco Shop

1810 W. Northern Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85021